Credit Card Debt Negotiation – DIY or Hire A Professional

Have you decided that the optimum way to tackle the credit card debt beast is through the creditors? Are you looking forward to voluntary lump-sum settlements for less than full balance while avoiding bankruptcy? If yes, then the next decision you’ll need to make is whether to go for it alone or search for professional debt help.

Of course, if you choose to make it work yourself, then you’ll save the money which you’d have to pay a debt negotiator. But sometimes things react differently and trying to do this work yourself could end up costing you more in the long run. Know the reasons why:

  • If you’re going to negotiate with the creditors for your settlements, that means you’re a good negotiator. Well, you have to stay honest with yourself here because it takes a particular kind of personality and character to be a negotiator. Debt collectors can be strict when confronted, and there is no doubt they can also be fierce at times. After all, they are there to make a living. So you have to be as quick as a fox to face them.
  • Debt settlement professionals carry complete access to “scouting reports” on all the top credit card firms as well as collection agencies. Every financial agency has its own distinctive settlement procedures and nuances. Sadly, there’s no place on the Internet from where you can just download this information. The only way to have this data is via working in the industry day in and day out.
  • Scouting reports allow you to know what’s possible with the creditors. For instance, with some creditors, $0.50 on a dollar is the best they can cut and you should accept the deal before it’s too late for you and they decide to sue you. With others, you might be able to reach as low as $0.25-$0.30 on the dollar, only if you know how to play your cards right.
  • When it comes to obtaining favorable settlements, timing is everything. Present an offer too early, there’ll be no good credit card settlement for you. Wait too long, you’ll miss the chance, get sued. Again, by not working in the industry, there is no chance that you will get this information without a scouting report.
  • A debt settlement professional will know representatives of credit card companies and collection agencies that will conduct deals in a strict manner because they’ve worked with them before with other clients. You won’t have access to such high-level contacts that can take your words seriously and give you what you want.
  • Having a professional debt negotiator from credit card debt services provider to work for you completely transforms the communication dynamics. Having someone speak from your side in the situation of debt settlement neutralizes your opponents’ efforts to manipulate you. The psychological tactics stand no chance against your representative because they are trained to overcome such tactics.
  • Last but not the least, these negotiations can be hectic and daunting. But hiring a debt professional can turn these things around for you. Also, a plethora of people don’t know that once a collection agency gets the notification that you are being represented by a third-party, they get barred from contacting you. It will be against the law if they do so. They must be directed to your representative.

Yes, you can try to settle outstanding credit card debt on your own. But, here are the reasons why you should consider our debt settlement professional. The results our professionals can attain will be of more value as compared to what you could’ve achieved. A hassle-free settlement is our prime objective for our clients. For more information, please visit