Good Debt vs. Bad Debt and Debt Relief

Ever since the mortgage industry has failed, the cost of college tuition has risen. As a result, people are suffering from debt for a bunch of reasons. Some debt is “good” debt while some fall into the category of “bad” debt. If too much of the bad debt is outstanding, mostly you would like to go for quicker debt relief.

If your bad debts are settled, you can rebuild your credit score. A better credit score will bestow you the chances of lower rates of interest on future loans and existing credit cards.

Concept of Good Debt

Probable debt that is expected and will definitely produce some value in the future is known as Good Debt. To illustrate, taking out a student loan for college or university education is termed to be a good debt as long as you can afford the disbursements after your graduation. This debt is considered to be good because degree attainment enhances your worth in the business world, thus implying that you will earn more due to this debt.

Another illustration of good debt is a mortgage. Your home value enhances with time span, hence you continue to build equity. Basically, all good debt comes down to the principle of ROI (Return On Investment). If high ROI is produced by your debt, it is generally considered as a good debt.

Concept of Bad Debt

Occurrence of bad debts, take place when credit cards of high interest are used for disbursement of disposable goods. You can define these as items losing value with time, while you are still disbursing on the principle charge and interest on your credit card. The debt so accrued with bad debt holds no value after it has been charged.

Some illustrations of bad debt may be in the form of meals, clothes and coffee. These are categorized into bad debts because they lose value on the spot after being bought. But, if you disburse your credit card bill on time, then charging such kinds of items is not disadvantageous and as a result your credit card score can even be built.

The main issue is to disburse off a credit card bill outright periodically, which involves the requisition of budgeting, discipline and forward thinking.

Requisition of Debt Relief

Referring to your bad debt stock, if your situation matches the below-mentioned considerations, you are in need of a debt relief program:

  • Just making minimum disbursements on your credit card bills.
  • In-affordability of the minimum disbursements on your credit cards
  • Having more than five credit cards
  • Inability of making periodical mortgage disbursements
  • Lagging behind or unable to afford student loan or other debt arrears disbursements.

You can go for options like debt consolidation and debt settlement, that have helped many people overcome their obligations, credit score rebuilding towards living a debt free life.


Debt is split up into ‘good’ debt and ‘bad’ debt. Good Debt is helpful in the generation of income towards the growth of wealth while bad debt forms a strain on your funds and eliminates you from the enhancement of your net worth.