How Can I Solve My Financial Problems?

Causes of Financial Problems

  • Inability to absorb scriptural principles
  • Inability of priorities discovery
  • Deficiency of discipline
  • Inability of setting goals
  • Inability of setting a budget
  • Inability of controlling impulsive spending
  • Inability of identification of needs and wants
  • Inability of lifestyle adjustment
  • Inability of resistance to credit buying
  • Helplessness of recognition of wrong counsel
  • Incapable of being God Accountable
  • Incapacity of saving
  • Incapability of execution of a will
  • Incapability of balancing investments
  • Investment in speculative interests
  • Inability of communication with your spouse
  • Helplessness of maintenance of proper records
  • Inability of being stiff with it
  • Helplessness of maintenance of the desire

Solutions to Financial Problems

  • Your mobile plan has to be changed for the reduction of the overall monthly bill towards Loan Debt Relief. The mobile phone usage has to be limited only when necessary. Gossiping on mobile phone ought to be avoided strictly! Probably the billing plan from postpaid to prepaid must be changed!
  • Same is the case with broadband/mobile internet connection. A cheaper broadband plan is a must. You can explore what else you can settle for Debt Bankruptcy, if you are unable to navigate alternatives that are cheaper.
  • Power consumption ought to be diminished by limited usage of electrical appliances like air conditioners, heat Convector, etc. for Fast Debt Relief. However, never should you make yourself shiver or cook in the heat.
  • Water consumption must be reduced at home. It may sound frivolous for some. But, in some parts of the world, water is limited and expensive. You can see to it whether reduction in the usage of water sounds sensible in your case or not.
  • All your grocery purchases must be consolidated and bought from discount retail stores towards Assistance Debt relief. Wherever available, discount coupons must be looked for. Astonishingly you will be able to save a lot.
  • For the time being you must halt expensive magazine subscriptions at home. Perhaps, you would have subscribed to expensive magazines over a period of time. Most have to be stopped, if not all, if you can.
  • Wherever and whenever probable, you must begin to depend on public transport in lieu of making use of taxi or own car. In some countries, pooling of car is allowed. See if you can find car pooling in your neighborhood.
  • Walk down to the nearest store in lieu of making use of your car if you want to buy groceries. A good exercise is none other than walking that helps you to have fresh air!
  • Alcohol consumption, smoking and gambling must be stopped. This is because these habits don’t alleviate but aggravate your situation.
  • All borrowings must be stopped from credit cards and all these must be put in your closet/drawer. Negotiations must be begun with credit card companies or banks by conveying them that you want to cancel or close your credit cards.
  • Have a look at your monthly bills with aggression and look for areas for reduction or elimination.


All the above mentioned steps for solving financial problems are requisite of preparation, determination, and discipline on your part and your family. All your family members ought to understand why the measures of cost cutting are being done due to the fact that their cooperation is absolutely essential.