Mohamed Mansaray: A Reputed Tax Professional and Business Consultant

A person can easily find a way of success with the help of a strong educational base. There are many examples of people who achieved something great in their fields with the help of knowledge they gained from education. Similarly, in the field of tax preparation and business consultancy, Mohamed Mansaray of Philadelphia gained huge respect, knowledge, and experience. 

Looking at the early stages of his career, he completed his Bachelor of Science, Economics, and Statistics in the year 1999 from the University of Sierra Leone. After this, he pursued and completed his MBA from Pennsylvania State University in the year 2003. Along with this, he also began to gain experience in interpersonal skills and good communication skills. Mansaray also possesses a deep understanding of the healthcare environment and also gained progressive experience in accounting and management of different operations.    

After gaining more experience, he started to work in Devereux Whitlock Center, PA in the year 2000 as Assistant Program Coordinator. Here, he was responsible for the assistance of personnel processes which include interviewing, the orientation of new staff members, and their selection. He was also responsible for the completion of facility documents and also participated in various financial programs. 

It was his experience, knowledge, and skills that made him to gained expertise in the field of management and consultancy and took him to a higher level. After this, he began to work in Bancroft Neurohealth, PA as program director in 2012. After that, in the year 2015, he joined Ambucor Health Solutions as Operations Manager. In both of these companies, he provided supervision to various programs including quality management, and accounting. Mansaray also worked collaboratively with various clinical services managers to make sure the efficient delivery meet financial goals.    

Talking about his current position at Medmans Financial Services LLC, he is working as a tax professional and a financial consultant. Mansaray with his deep understanding of tax policies and laws is one of the reliable and recognized tax preparers not only in Philadelphia but in the adjoining states and cities also. What makes him more reliable and efficient is that he is an IRC tax preparer and has experience of more than 15 years in financial advisory.   

At Medmans Financial Services LLC, with his services of tax preparation and business consultancy, he is managing to provide reliable and efficient solutions to his clients. Due to the immense knowledge of tax preparation, he is known for his work and efficiency. Mansaray also becomes a recommending option when it comes to safety and reliability in tax preparation. With all of his skills and experience, he gained the expertise through which he is continuously delivering high-end services to his clients.