The Hazards of Debt Settlement

It is a serious matter to have an unpaid relief debt that has been significantly burdensome to you by just not being financially, but even emotionally, socially and maybe even damaging to your physical health. While the debt settlement solution is quite feasible, there are notable hazards that may be faced by you from making a choice to do the same.

Nothing Availability for Free

As it is known to everyone, lunch is not available free of cost. This has similarity in the case of debt release settlement too. Contemporarily the borrowers would list out company’s services having specialization in such matters for getting them assistance in the process. If this is done, the debtor would have to eventually face the service charges imposed on them by that establishment. This is usually around 10-15% of the amount of debt owed by them. As a result, not only the concerned debtor will have to be considerate regarding additional cash to disburse the concerned company.

Taking the Blame in the form of Credit 

Even if relief of debt settlement admittedly helps in making your repayment process a lot smoother and less burdensome, nevertheless it puts negative information in your credit report. To a certain most extent, this is not as harmful as declaring yourself insolvent. But, the debt settlement effects are still bound to be reflected in your credit report in the time-frame of next 7-10 years, in the absence of any other mitigating arising circumstances. This might be posing problems for you when you are in need of acquisition of new loans or credit cards, exploration of a job or securing a rate of competitive insurance for yourself.

The Truth of Taxing

While you may achieve success in the removal of your obligations by means of credit card relief debt settlement, you may be, however, charged taxes to those settled accounts, since these are treated as income. This cost is additional as it has to be borne by you, while your burdensome financial scenario is already existing.

Growth of Balances

Whilst you are lagging behind on credit accounts, there may be late fees or interest charged until the accounts are settled and your beneficiaries are under no debt for the reduction of the owed balance.


For the eligibility of debt settlement program, you have to have a steady source of income. Make sure your objective to stretch out to a debt settlement program should not be as long as probable; it just enhances your exposure to all of the hazards of debt settlement. The duration of a debt settlement program is not supposed to be beyond 36 months, even if you may be known to deal with bankruptcy or credit counseling/consolidation if you are in need of longer than building the sufficient reserves.


A favorable alternative to insolvency is the debt settlement. It lets many people in debt to quickly get out of debt. If your disbursement is just one or two months behind, debt settlement is not the right solution, so you need to carefully consider your debt relief solution.